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Our Community

Westheimer Lakes is more than a subdivision; it’s a community. All residents are encourages to get involved with the community either in elected positions, serving on committees, arrange a club or a group, or by simply attending events and using the facilities. Here are some ways to get involved.

Advisory Board

The POA Board of Directors is supported by a non-voting volunteer Advisory Board of up to six members. Advisory Board members have unfettered access to the Board of Directors and they work closely together to advise and to influence the management of the community. Advisory Board members also act as voices of the residents so the Board of Directors can govern in the best interest of the whole community. Advisory Board members have access to all community documents except personal resident and employee information.

Whilst serving on the Advisory Board is not required before volunteering as a candidate for the POA Board of Directors, it is a great environment to learn how to manage a large community and how to use the various tools.

All Advisory Board candidates must be a property owner of record who are in good standing with the community. Advisory Board members are elected at the annual general meeting and must attend at least half of the board meetings during their one-year tenure.

Please contact Iyesha ( if you are a resident that would like to volunteer for any committee listed below.

Social Committee

Westheimer Lakes has an active social calendar with event for all ages and a variety of interests. The role of the Event/Social Committee is to assist the community in creating, implementing and supporting these events and activities.

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee’s primary role includes overseeing the Yard of the Month program and the very popular Holiday Decoration Yard Contest, and to provide guidance to the Board on how to spend the annual discretionary landscaping budget. Additional roles include supporting a social club for landscaping ideas (Garden Club), inviting horticulture guest speakers for community events and sharing a general interest in landscaping.

Communications Committee

To assist the community in creating, implementing and supporting communication efforts, including the newsletter, community website, and face-to-face communication. The Communication Committee also supports and oversees special interest groups, including the Welcome Committee and the Sunshine Committee.

Traffic & Safety Committee

This committee encourages residents to observe speed limits, shut garage doors at night and other items of safety, as well as advises the management company of damaged, or missing, traffic signs, broken curbs, etc. They are also encouraged to promote an annual “Safety Day” with car seat inspections, bike rodeo, and local fire and police participation.

Adopt-a-School Committee

The AAS Committee is comprised of the current Board of Directors, the community developer, and if approved, one or more resident chair person(s) as participants to prepare and present to the Board of Directors recommendations for the donation of AAS funds to the schools within that community for educational school items, such as computers, library books, etc. Further, the Board may vote to fund improvements within the community such as sidewalks, playground areas or other improvements that will benefit the students of the community. This fund is separate from the operations of the Association and is distributed solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee is a resident lead committee that welcomes new residents to the community with gift baskets and friendship.

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